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"Out of Frustration Comes Innovation" Amy

As Founder/CEO of Aegis Biotech, Berliner applies more than two decades of Senior Executive experience to the benefit of her company and to her research and development teams.  Her expertise, which includes senior-level positions as CEO/COO/CMO in Business, Manufacturing, R&D, Digital healthcare applications adopting Blockchain Technology has given her the insight necessary to succeed.  Berliner has managed from startup to $22M dollar companies to M&A. 

Berliner discovered she had skin cancer after a layoff in 2012 that forever pivoted her life and career, merging her backgrounds of experience, education, expertise translating her insights and observations into actionable innovations which became the impetus for the launch of Aegis Biotechnologies.  

Berliner is fluent in the Education, Science, Research and Technology involving Alternative and Traditional Medical Research, as well as work flow systems within digital health admin equally addressing relevant connectivity to Patients & Providers eager to participate in research advancements. 

Berliner is a dynamic networker and business strategist. She is a profound thought leader and speaker – with the ability to know, and the strength to do, what is necessary for Aegis to continue to be at the forefront of Education, Innovation, Technology, and Research.  

Berliner is President of (Government Blockchain Association) California/Los Angeles Chapter, and leading one of the first working groups as it relates to Cannabis Healthcare on Blockchain Technologies publishing the first White Paper.  

Berliner is Editor in Chief of CannaHealthcare Magazine,  where she designed and launched her vision through a first multidisciplinary approach to integrative medicine introducing medical and clinical cannabinoid education, alongside innovative technologies designed for those ancillary.   Berliner has been able to traction in just five publications 76K global subscribers validating her approach, and today is continuing that platform in her Podcast to further the marketshare of understanding without stigma.

Berliner and her scientific team currently advise and consult clients with strategies and implementations from molecule to market with Consumer Product & Brand Strategies that are turnkey and effective in Healthcare, Government, Blockchain technologies, Clinical research, and global S&P, Business management, Media/Marketing, Clinical/Analytical Chemistry formulations, alongside R&D.

Berliner is launching a Seed Series to continue to expand her brand, mission and critical work necessary to advance global health and wellness for all.  She will be launching soon a beta test version of her app STREEM with her partner Dr. Adam Richardson Phd. Her passion is her fuel and everyday seeks to  restore the ecosystem in health through integrative solutions. 

Host & Fellow Student Amy Berliner
Host & Fellow Student Amy Berliner