Introduction to the Podcast

Preview of Podcast Episodes with Amy

Brief Introduction to Podcast outline and format featuring 3 key segments:

#1-Medical Specialties (Introducing Top Clinicians and Researchers advancing integrative healthcare)

#2-Patient Stories - Introducing inspirational stories from Patients seeking HOPE-HELP-HEALING

#3- Technology & Innovation (Introducing Top industry Leaders and Innovators shaping the future of technology)

We proudly support STEM, and will offer a Science Bowl Challenge and call for Abstracts to be presented on both Podcast and in special feature in our  magazine.  Some of our presentations will supplement helpful powerpoint presentations to aid in further education, awareness and resources.

#001-How Technology-Sex-Porn-Pills Impact Sexual Intimacy

Patient Stories "Pot-Porn-Pills & Performance"

#001-How Technology-Sex-Porn-Pills Impact Sexual Intimacy & ED in a Digital World with special guest Craig Perra, Founder of The Mindful Habit.  Explore the impacts Technology and altering medications and drugs have on sexual health and wellness in a digital environment.  Powerpoint link below for more help or facts about the subject presented.

#02-"bark" to protect women & Children from sex trafficking

Advancing Fight Against Human Trafficking With mobile Technology

Guest Lisa Thee shares her experience in corporate technology and transition into entrepreneurship to not only advance the cause to eradicate human trafficking, but to also empower other women and men to step outside of comfort and pursue careers that give back in meaningful ways.  Bark Technologies

New Episodes begin every Tuesday 6 PM

Segment #1 Medical Specialties


Meet Dr. Adam Richardson Phd, Chief Scientific Officer and Partner at Aegis Biotechnologies.  

Paving the way to the future of integrative health through analytical chemistry, enabling science based formulations  finding in R&D effective ways to enable safety, efficacy and consistency from Natural supplements to Pharmacutical discoveries  as Aegis continues to  merge medical markets.

Segment #2 Patient Stories


Meet A.J. a Patient whose story will grab your heart as he shares his story through  his diagnosis with Bi-Polar disorder, and his journey to find balance once again with his introduction into CBD when traditional treatments had failed him and left him searching for relief.  

Segment #3 Technology & Innovation


Meet Lisa Thee a veteran technology expert in child safety infusing her technology with Bark™ advancing causes to reduce human sex trafficking and abuses against children.  Bark is the leader in mobile protection for both Parents &  Children, winning many Federal & State Integrations along with Law Enforcement Agencies.